Accepting Applications

The final day of Psych Congress will feature re:Think, a series of dynamic TED-style talks led by some of today’s most exciting professionals from the fields of psychiatry and mental health. Through short, compelling, and never-boring sessions, you will hear some truly groundbreaking and unexpected ideas designed to spark deep conversation, examine challenges in mental health, and inspire innovation to improve patient care.

Do you have a groundbreaking idea? Are you working on something to ‘disrupt’ mental health? If you have an idea and want a platform to share it with the world, we welcome you to submit. See details below.



Now Accepting Your Breakthrough Ideas.

Applications must be submitted by May 21 for consideration to be presented at Psych Congress 2021 (Sunday, November 1 in San Antonio, TX).

All applications must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The speaker or the idea has a strong relationship to advancing the future of mental healthcare.
  • The application is clearly centered on an idea and does not explicitly promote a business or a commercial agenda.
  • Information provided is reliable and accurate
  • Science-based ideas showcase or explain genuine advances in science
  • Applicants avoid the use of extensive scientific language unsubstantiated claims
  • Applications do not include inflammatory political or religious agendas, nor polarizing “us v them” mentality
  • All required fields in the application are filled out appropriately

Eligible submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee who will identify top applicants. The committee will be made up of experts in the field of mental health as well as conference organizers. Applicants may be contacted via video conference by members of the selection committee during the review process in order to get more information about the submitted topic.

Video Submission (1-2 minutes)

Part of the application requires you to provide a link to a one minute video that distills what the audience should be “re:Thinking” in mental healthcare.

- This short video should be between 1 and 2 minutes long, but no longer than 2 minutes.

- It should be filmed for the sole purpose of briefly and concisely summarizing your message to re:Think and give speaker selection committee snapshot of how you come across, in person

- Please use only Youtube, Vimeo, or Dropbox for your video and make sure it is not set as "Private." (It can be "unlisted")

- This should not be a professional video and should not be a reused video from any other previous media appearances.  Please record a NEW, 1 to 2 minute video of yourself either describing your presentation or giving a short sample of what your presentation might be like. Nothing fancy. You may film from a computer or smartphone.

The selection committee will make final determinations based on:

  • How compelling and/or novel the idea is
  • Alignment with conference values and culture
  • The overall diversity of ideas, topics, and people in the applicant pool

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If your submission is selected, you will be notified and provided with a date/time of the event. If the proposed date or time conflicts with your personal schedule, organizers will put you on a “waitlist” to be contacted when future events are posted.

PLEASE NOTE: Final selection does not guarantee you a speaking slot at a future event. Speakers are expected to work with conference organizers and speaker coaches to develop and fine tune their presentation in the weeks/months leading up to the event. Speakers who are unable or unwilling to follow through with this commitment may be required to postpone or cancel their involvement in future events. Conference organizers also reserve the right to postpone or cancel a speaker’s involvement in a future event at any time during the preparation process.


Speakers should expect to be part of a vetted preparation process with conference organizers and speaker coaches which will include regularly scheduled video conferences in the months leading up to the scheduled event. On these video conferences, speakers will be expected to rehearse their presentation and listen to and incorporate feedback provided by conference organizers and speaker coaches.

All selected speakers will also be required to attend a mandatory dress rehearsal the evening prior to the scheduled event. 

Speakers will be asked to sign a waiver that allows conference organizers to film and photograph you during the event. Photos/videos may be posted and promoted online following the event.

All applicants should be familiar with the TED* style of public speaking.

If selected, your presentation may not exceed 15 minutes.

re:Think presenters are not paid for their roles as presenters, however travel and hotel accommodations will be arranged and paid for by conference organizers

Accepted presenters will be expected to meet via web conference multiple times leading up to the conference and will work with the conference organizers on developing the flow and overall execution and delivery of my final presentation.

*These sessions/events are in no way affiliated with TED or TEDx programs. reThink is an independent initiative owned and managed by HMP global.